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Odalisque Now

Odalisque Now looks at the historical depiction of women in fine art, and searches for relevance today.  Historically in Classical and Neoclassical works, women are depicted in either full or partial nude, shown as victims or idealized objects, and almost exclusively created from a man’s perspective. Women have had their backs against a wall, facing preexisting notions of how they should be visually represented. Odalisque Now also explores the question of how wardrobe relates to character portrayal; often times the female body is only draped in scraps of fabric.  Fashion may be the most intimate form of art. It is physically closest to us and can be used as a tool to show ourselves to the world without a single word.


As a female artist, I wish to portray women as how I see them; with raw strength, power and talent. Bearing women’s history on their sleeves, women are stepping forward to write their own stories and conquer their own fate. Truthful visual representation is important now more than ever, because what we create will make up a key piece of our generation’s legacy.  By using these historical references, it becomes evident that we do not have to fight or ignore the history that came before us, but rather use it as a stepping stone to showcase the powerful women of 2018. Odalisque Now aims to connect with classical views of women and create a bridge into what we know today.