Senior Thesis, Boston University 


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Vogue: Unplugged

How did the punk scene become high fashion? Today's rendition of punk fashion can either be accurate or commercialized to fit social trends.  This project takes a look at what happens when you juxtapose original punk looks with Vogue fashion covers (1970s-2000s).  The result creates a quirky irony that makes you consider the relationship between street fashion and high fashion. 

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Beatnik Bold Promo Video

Beatnik Bold Promo Video


medidata, graphic design

Coming soon...Examples from my work for Medidata Solutions.

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fun stuff

Not assignments, not commissions, just me in my spare time! Personal practice, studio work and collage. 

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Burch Bar 

Burch Bar branding concept inspired by the existing Tory Burch lifestyle label. Designed while studying at Rhode Island School of Design. 

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There's a New Master in Town

Poster for Christie Molloy mock-exhibition. Classical portraits projected on a modern artist.

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Election 2016

Poster Installation in the lead up to the 2016 Presidential Election.  Installed at Copley Square in downtown Boston, MA. 

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Prada Myopia

50 iterations GIF inspired by 2x4 Studio's Prada Myopia wallpaper installation. 


Amber Vittoria Illustration Book

12 Day study of Amber Vittoria Illustrations. Exploration of her design process and style.